Bringing home the bacon…and the buck!

This life we live here on the farm never ceases to amaze me. Our weekend started by bottling 4 gallons of sweet scuppernong wine. It was quite a great science lesson to teach the children the process of making alcohol. And quite pleasing to know that if things were to get crazy in the world, […]

Crazy week on the farm

This past week has been a reminder never to take anything for granted. For three years, we have been raising pigs and cows for meat and milk. Our breeding pair of Yorkshire pigs have been our pride and joy. Not only that, they have been a source of love, grief and entertainment. All of that […]

Plus One

Well, our harvest season just keeps getting better. Yesterday Jason had a “funny feeling” that he should go check on Daisy, our dairy cow. So the kids all loaded up in the truck and drove over to the pasture where Daisy found her boyfriend. At first, Jason panicked because Daisy looked like she had lost […]

Harvest Time

This last year has been a year of growth for us. Our youngest daughter is no longer the baby and our oldest is getting ready to drive. We moved to a new homestead and have had many new challenges managing 21 acres. We started our year off with 3 meat cows, a dairy cow, 17 […]